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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> so, traffic is getting clog up. hey, bob kelly. >> yes. >> looks like they're at broad and vine right in the intersection. >> you got it right there at
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broad and vine. >> broad and vine. >> 33 started on the move. they started at city hall this morning at 8 o'clock. and i don't know if this is part of the game plan here on the move but this is causing havoc for everyone coming into center city here as they continually move from block to block. you can listen to them in there. >> what's that sign say? white silence is violence. >> black lives matter. >> that's what they're chanting now black lives matter. >> you have police cars, officers on bike and top commanders out there as they move from spot to spot. >> who knows where they're going to go. we'll keep an eye on it for you. good day everybody. it is, yeah, it is what. >> monday, july 11th, 7/11. >> i'm a wawa guy. >> free slurps. >> 7-eleven you got a free slurpee. it'sly the 50th anniversary of f
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the have your pea. >> doublslurpee. >> birthday cake doughnut. >> how does that taste. >> i want to try it. >> it's on the market right now. >> yeah, on the one o on market street. it's on the market on market street. >> i like that. >> hi, look. one of our interns here. after this do you mind? you know where my money is in my drawer. >> i got you mike. >> could you give me a break. >> they're not free until 11:00 a.m. >> i'll buy. >> making sure you know. >> how much could it be? a buck. one stinking doughnut. >> the last time you had slurps it was because of me. we were coming back from our live show. i was forcing mike can come on let's get a slurpee. >> gigantic blue slurpee. hi, lauren. >> hi. >> we have lauren here, a paid employee here. [laughter] >> i was like uh-oh did i just get a demotion. >> you're an earn in you.
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>> get paid. >> yeah, $15 stipen $15 stipend. >> bradley cooper, it didn't seem like it was going well. ever go to an event and then you get into an argument of some sort at the event. >> no. >> and then you kind of have to hash it out in front of other people. >> or you at least pretend like nothing's wrong and then you have that kind of hidden attitude. >> yeah. >> wait until you get home. >> i hate that. >> so, also what about this? four outspoken preachers some of the country's most popular mega churches they are taking over daytime. the new show on fox that's bringing them altogether. >> so, it's kind of like the view, the real, the talk. >> they might take it to church mike. >> all four of them are preachers. >> they're all preachers. >> and they're all on our show. did you know it's national
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mojito day. >> i heard and we're going celebrate with cuba libre. >> they make the best ones. >> they'll show you how to make one ourselves. >> i'm not a huge mojit mojito . >> there's minute in there. >> yes. >> at that particular place they actually have a machine that squeezes sugar cane, squeezes the sugar out of the sugar cane. looks like bamboo. >> what was do you have that angry look. >> it's not easy to do. >> can we have a closeup of his face. >> i just want to see your lip. you have angry lip. >> you're doing it different. that way. >> exactly. >> then you have to talk while you're doing it. >> there you go. that's how you do it. >> funny thing. >> okay. it's the hottest craze for iphone gamers, that's why we brought our intern in. her name is alexa and she plays it all the time. the new pokemon go app has people glued to their phones.
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>> came out last week and already it's on the top of the charts. everyone is playing this. here's how it works. players track down virtual characters, its like an augmented reality game. you walk around town with the app open in your phone. you'll see a lot of people walking around with their heads down. you can set up a beacon to let other players know where they are. >> it's like grinder. >> it's a problem because there are serious concerns. police in missouri say four teens robbed victims after they lured them using the game and they're also concerned that the game sort of is distracting because you see everybody glued to their phones their heads are down not looking up. this happened to me earlier because i was on the elevator -- i was waiting for the elevator in the lobby and it opened ding. when it opens this is what i get the back of alexa's head, no, he's gone. so i'm thinking like dang, he broke up with her, she got a bad text. i'm like what are you doing? >> she's playing. >> i was playing pokemon.
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>> what pokemon was in the eluviated at fox. >> ieluviated -- elevator at fo. >> i was trying to catch it when it was going down. i didn't catch it all the way. >> the people who don't understand, you pull up the app and you see a layout on your phone but it's sort of playing out in this room. let's say the dragon is here, he's over there, i would literally walk over there to catch him. >> yeah, if you're close enough to the pokemon it will show up on the map which like jen was showing earlier and you'll click on it and then like your camera screen will come up and you'll be able to shoot your pokey ball at the pokemon and then you can catch it. >> what the hell are you talking about. >> guys listen, she went to king of prussia yesterday to try to find whatever these things are. >> why? is there better pokemons at king of prussia. >> i drove around campus all my friends are like let's catch some pokemon so we drove around campus very slowly and like the slower you go like
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that's where where you can get more pokemon but you have to be walking that's the problem with the game you have to be constantly moving and we were driving around campus and we caught a lot of pokemon so we were like let's go to king of prussia mall. >> and what happened there. >> what happens if you catch a lot of pokemon? do you get a prize. >> you just keep going up levels and then you can start training. >> you get satisfaction. >> you share it like what's the games that you play on facebook. >> farm animals. >> can you share on facebook oh this is my score i caught four pokemons. >> if you battle enough you can get like a higher score but i think they'll update the app. >> can i just say this. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. you might as well be speaking swahili. [laughter] >> this is what they're doing in college now. >> really this is everywhere. i was walking around the kop mall and people were out there on their phones in front of a hollister and this couple came up to me and they were saying are you guys playing the pokemon game too and they were
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it's like an ekins over there. >> i was in front of hollister. >> guess who is mad about this. >> chris murphy. >> why is he mad. >> he says he's so sick and tired of seeing everybody like this and now this game. >> more than ever before heads are down as they're walking down walnut street or whatever. >> so stupid. i meaning think about it. here you are walking around -- what did alexis say she's shooting balls at things. >> shooing poll pokey balls. >> she doesn't even notice that all of a sudden don't walk signs on. >> there's a septa bus. >> by the way, cars are a lot more quieter than they ever were and here's a guy coming the other direction driving texting his girlfriend, bam. >> boom. >> done. >> but the did news you said is it gets people up and offer the couch right. >> well, there's that. >> i don't know alexis, what's up with you -- >> there's a lot of them. the closer you are some water pokemon come up.
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>> were you a big fan of pokemon when you were younger. >> yeah. i used to watch pokemon with my sisters when i was younger, i have the vcr's of them still collected in my house. >> at least she knows what a vcr is. >> do you have to pay for the app. >> no, the app was free. >> i think it's launched like a couple days ago 'cause i downloaded it on friday night and i have been playing it nonstop ever since. >> here's the thing, folks. it's only been out for a matter of days. can you only imagine after like weeks and stuff as it spreads and more people start becoming pokemon crazy again. >> here's the thing. isn't this a substitute for living life? >> sort of. >> virtually, yes. >> yeah, you're living a virtual life. why not just live real life. >> i'm living real life with my friends. >> are you dating anybody? >> sort of, yeah. >> sort of. what does that mean. >> how do you have time? >> is this why it's only sort of 'cause you don't have time for him. >> no, he's gone all summer.
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he's been gone all summer yes. >> this is a boyfriend substitute. >> it's a virtual relationship. >> yeah. >> probably the best. >> just got real in here. >> virtual relationships are better than real ones. >> virtual reality of the pokemon. >> that's a come down. >> i have a new game for us to play. >> what. >> okay. there's 50 donkeys for the convention. >> they're all around the city. >> what we do is we go get a pic with every donkey and you have -- it's normally at a hotel lobby, you have a drink for every donkey. >> i don't think she's 21 mike. >> are you 21. >> no. >> we'll have to do it. >> you can take the pictures. >> someone has to be sober. >> no, isn't that a fun game. >> yeah. take a pic of every donkey. >> why does it have to be a
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drink. donkeys they have different pictures and things about that state. just learn about each state. >> here's your challenge folks. first person to send in a pic with every single 50 state donkey -- what shall i give them? >> i don't know you're the one coming up with this challenge. >> what would be good. >> i don't know. >> no, not the -- >> we need something during the dnc. >> a t-shirt really. >> a for fox 29 t-shirt. got to be bigger than that. >> let them come to the show for you for like 50 minutes. >> no, come as a -- no the take her job but come join the show. >> take your job. >> take my job, yeah. >> take my job and should have it. i'll come can up with something. >> all right. >> hurry. >> just do it and we'll figure out by the time you do it because it's going to takes awhile. i guess they have a map. you can cheat. the city put out a map of all the dong keys. it would be fun to find them. it takes a lot of effort to go
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to each one and take the picture. >> over at the franklin hotel, what's it called the omni. you know, where i go to pooh. at fourth and chestnut. arkansas. >> so you're helping people out right now. >> do you know where georgia is. >> no. kansas is at logan square. >> i haven't found texas. >> where is texas. >> where is that texas ass at? alexa thank you. >> we have been talking about how crazy it's been for the past going on two weeks so jen, they're saying there's another way you can get to work. why don't you just bike. >> just bike to work, yeah, why not. okay, we're in conshohocken we're with randy who is the communications director for the bicycle coalition. >> of greater philadelphia. >> that's what i'm talking about. right here conshohocken like these are the trains that are probably going to bypass people that keep going because they're full coming from norristown and other areas but
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you say biking to work is a legitimate option. >> definitely. i mean, from the suburbs especially where we are in conshohocken, we have this great trail system that goes -- it's technically 350 miles throughout the whole region. from here we can get directly to center city philadelphia with only, by only going on the street for about a mile in manayunk. >> okay. so, you know this. women, they wander to look cute for work. not everyone can get a little sweaty getting to work so you say maybe like think about two to three days a week doing this and then supplementing this with other ways to go. >> sure, yeah. that's a great option. obviously bring a change of clothe of course. >> randy you're really in on this bike thing. i shared with you that my husband used to bike from queen village plymouth meeting. he'd pack an extra set of clothes and by the way, he felt a lot better in his brain because he wasn't sitting in traffic he wasn't dealing with september tam he liked doing it. >> yeah, i would say that
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sitting in traffic is the worst thing for your brain. but the thing to consider here is that you could take the train or take a -- take a trail to a bus instead of taking regional rail and then -- or you could just -- >> bike to get a little closer. >> yeah, exactly. i would just throw out there that on bicycle we have a map showing every single bus stop within a quarter mile of the trail system. >> that's a grit idea. we'll show people how it works. we have a very high tech -- i know you probably haven't seen anything like this because it's so high tech. ladies and mike, here's what we're going to be doing, okay. we're going to facebook live by the way now my home is calling which means brody frederick is calling m i'm going to facebook live we'll say goodbye to them. we have it duct taped right here. we'll duct tape the thing onto here and randy and i are going to ride our bikes and we'll see how far we get, right. so, guys, i don't know if you can hear me or see me but that is what we're going to do.
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go to and you can see our ride or do it right here on the tv, whatever you want to do. >> cool. >> good luck, jen. but she has great calf muscles. >> she does. >> 9:15. it's national mojito day. our friends at cuba libre are offering them for five dollars. mike hasn't been a fan in the past. we'll try and convince him. >> what's your name. >> i'm dawn. >> you're dawn. >> yeah. dawn, go away you're no good for me you heard that song. >> yes. >> you like mojitos. >> i do. >> you want to lang around and have one. >> i don't know. i might get in trouble. >> where is your work. >> philadelphia business journal. >> they're okay over there. hang around. >> hi, chef. >> high. how are you. >> you know i love you. >> i love you. >> chef jen at cuba libre. there goes dawn. typical women.
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they say hello and then they leave me. >> i would never leave you. >> this is a sugar cane. >> yes. we're going to squeeze sugar out of this and make a mojito. whats a mojito. >> a signature drink cuba libre white rum, fresh sugar cane and lime juice. >> that's it. >> little shake ann little ice and you're good to go. >> do it. >> by the way over at cuba libre today, second and market, the drinks are goin normally 10 bucks. >> today is national mojito day. >> at the bar they're only five dollars. >> alex and i are going over after show. afternoon i will be there. can i get a five dollars mojito. >> you can get a free one. >> free. >> free. i love you. >> i love you. >> you still seeing that guy or no. are you single.
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>> no, i'm single. all day. >> i have a feeling i might be, too. >> so this is our classic mojito. the cuba libre white rum lime juice. >> why do they look different. >> we have a mango mojito he. >> mango mojito. >> grilled pineapple and margarita-mojito. >> let me try that. >> it's delicious. >> tastes like a margarita. >> yes. >> what's the middle one. >> pineapple grilled. >> that's really good. >> i love the grilled pineapple one. >> that's classic. >> no, that's mango. >> mango. taste like a mango. >> of course, mango baby. >> it's really good. >> and this is our classic, no straw. >> i have to go home now and take a nap. i'll see you at cuba libre at
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noon. >> absolutely. >> if you want to meet alex and talk to me about my personal life and my problems meet us at plan to on cuba libre. >> second and marked. >> how is barry doing. >> doing great. >> good to see you. okay, it is a gorgeous day isn't it? how about yesterday. there was no humidity, temperature in the 80's. going to be the same today. >> great. >> i have a lovely wife. >> can't be out here with you. >> favorite part of my day. >> this is it. >> this is it you. >> need to see me more often. >> see a psychiatrist. here is alex and lauren. i call them al. >> didn't know about this meeting we're having apparently at noon. that sounds like a recipe for disaster. solve his problems. >> you know it happens kind of often but it's fine. i'm his friend. i'm here for you, whatever you
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need. sometimes i share too but mostly him. all right, 9:19. i should say congratulations to new york yankees legends derek jeter and model hannah davis. they are married now. here's a first look at the newlyweds on the front page of the new york post. >> these were obviously taken from far away. >> chris says he's been to this resort where it was. they've dated for three years before they announced their engagement. he's 42, she's 26. they have a dog together but chris tells me that he's dying to have a baby. >> really? derek jeter. >> how long have they been dating. >> three years. >> he's like the george clooney finally got married. yes. mike. >> hey, intern alexa is here and jen. listen to this. i gave a challenge to chris murphy over at the new ruth chris' steakhouse over on 18th and market.
9:20 am
they have a 40-ounce stake. i challenge him to eat the entire thing. you want to see him do it? that's next. 40-ounce steak. two and a half pounds. >> i could eat it. >> you could do it. >> yes. >> i figured so. see if chris can do it after the break. you probably could. >> i certainly could. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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>> is that better. >> oh, it better. >> can you see me now. >> we're taking a look at jen fred. she's bikeing into work. with all the septa issues things going on get your bike -- you could do one of the indigo bikes. today with the weather so perfect, you won't get all sweaty and hot and gross. she looks like she's having a great time how is it going jen? we'll check back in with her in a little bit. oh, wait. how is it going? >> good. can you hear me. >> now we can hear you. >> i think there's a little delay, yes. >> hi, guys. >> how is it going. >> we're on the trail with
9:24 am
randy. we just left conshohocken, okay. okay. this is going to be on my facebook. we're going to slow down, watch. people need to realize you have to use your hand signals. you have to walk in certain areas but one of the reasons why we're on this trail in particular is that there's not a lot of on street, right? >> right. >> we're on the trail. >> yeah. so, the streets in the suburban areas of philadelphia don't have as many bike lanes. >> i'll repeat that. i don't know if they can hear you. streets in philadelphia don't have a lot of bike lanes. they want you to find areas where you can go on a trail like this. hi. >> okay, jen, be careful and we'll can check back in with you. >> i want to know how many miles she's doing then. >> okay. after 50 years, ruth chris'
9:25 am
steakhouse has revamped their menu and steaks including one particular rib eye. apparently -- is it 40 ounces. >> there's a lot of on this going on. >> whatever it was michael learned chris and now they say you got to have it. >> at ruth chris you got have chris. >> i'm at 18th and market. look around absolutely brand new. every room has a different feel, beautiful bar and then there's this room. hi everybody, i am with chef john. good to see you. >> hi. >> how rao doing. here it is, ruth chris steakhouse. >> yes. >> did i get that right? did i get the app apostrophe's in the right spot. >> ruth's chris. >> that's an infiniti mirror and it's green right now for the eagles but if you had a party for the flyers or any other sports teams it would change colors. >> yeah, whatever color -- for the sixers it will be blue and
9:26 am
red, eagles, green. >> i like it. okay before we talk about this, i love this. put in these things called cheaters booths so they're booths that have curtains, right. >> yes. >> caps in there? >> well, you know, they say back in the day, there was a lot of deals that went down in there when the curtains were closed. >> or maybe somebody was with somebody they shouldn't be with. >> yeah. i don't know anything about that. >> marsha who owns the place is standing by the first cheater's booth. open it u marsh. what is that. >> that is our 40-ounce rib eye. one of our newest menu additions. >> chris murphy is known for his eating abilities. he's a -- lobster mac and
9:27 am
cheese. >> mild green chilis in there. >> mushrooms. >> yes, mushrooms. >> if you're going have stake you have to have asparagus. that looks fantastic. what did i have in front of m me. >> 11-ounce filet mignon one of our signature steaks. >> let's check in with chris. how many ounces. >> this is an 11-ounce fillet. we can cook it in our 1800-degree broiler and that locks in all the juices, gets a nice zero on the outsid -- see outside. we serve all our stakes on a 500-degree plate. >> 500. >> by the time you get to your last bite if you're sitting there for awhile your steak is warm throughout your entire meal. >> let's check in with chris again. that bone that's left that he's sucking on, i know it's a rib.
9:28 am
>> yeah, that's rib eye. that would be like the rib underneath. >> center tender. >> it's the most maribeld piece of meat. highest fat content. this would be the lien evident. >> leanest. congratulations. beautiful restaurant. >> thank you. >> you've got the try this, all of this. >> i fonder chris is still eating. >> probable -- wonder if chris is still eating. >> who is that woman. >> she's probably embarrassed. four preachers from some of the country's most popular mega churches coming together taking on daytime. the new slow on fox that's bringing them altogether. we'll talk to some of them next. >> ♪
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>> i'm really looking forward to this new show, four outspoken preachers , big churches, taking over daytime talk, there is the view, you have the talk, you've got the real here on fox. >> now you've booth the preacher. >> here we go. >> let go of what you think a preacher is. if you have been hurt by preachers or by church, lay that down, and get to know us as men, as husbands, as fathers, and hear our hearts on various a ray of cunts. you are not going to be prepared to. we are going to talk with you. and here is a subject that i thought my fellow preachers would finds very interesting. the two of you have a pod cast called monique, and sydney's open relationship. >> yes. >> is it true you are actually have an open relationship? what does that mean, is it open 24 hours? if we all get along, let's get along every day right here on
9:33 am
the preacher. >> so we have pastor john from joel olsteen's lakewood church, doctor e dewey smith, jr., pastor of the house of hope in georgia. >> and pastor or a quick from god speakers church in north carolina good morning. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> good morning, mike analling. >> how are you. >> good morning. >> we're feeling good. >> so i have to admit first thinking okay, prefer ers, are we going to have another church service during the week? >> no, not at all, this is going to be something altogether different. i think, you know, daytime television landscape needs something with a fresh perspective, a spiritual perspective, but one that is not intrusive, non-indoctrinate. i think people want to have conversations from that lens. em people do have fate of some sort, and i think what we offer is an opportunity, engaged dialogue on social commentary, social justice issues, as well as comedy, and politician, and pop culture. so, i think people are going
9:34 am
to be pleasantly surprised, and really refreshed. >> and when you say surprised, because i have to admit, i confess, sometimes there are things i want to know what my pastor thinks about this, but i would never bring it up. >> absolutely, sometimes, unfortunately, people don't think pastors are human, and they don't think that we watch games or watch movies or we're aware of kanye west, things like beyonce. this gives us the opportunity -- >> i don't watch kanye west. >> what? why not? >> you know what lemonade is? >> he came out with a gospel song, so he says. >> have you seen that last video of kanye west and you are asking me why i don't like kanye west? oh, my goodness. >> he drinks cool aid. >> ya, he drinks cool aid. >> instead of almost aid. >> we know about lemonade, when i drank lemonade in my house i got in trouble. my wife said what you hiding. are you hiding something? i'm like thanks, beyonce, i can't even have lemonade in my house. >> what flavor is that cool aid? it is red. >> exactly. >> so i need your show right
9:35 am
now. because of this past week i think a the love us look to a preach tow pastor, help explain, what has been going on over the last five days in our country. any three of you can take this one out. how do you explain it to your parishioners? >> well, the words is so divide, unfortunately, over issues every race, religion, creed, and because we're america, america gives people the freedom, the rights, to enjoy, and it is a melting pot. we believe that our show is going to help make this world more civil. it will bring the world together. we're going to gave you a daily dose of hope, love, empowerment, we want to encourage people to see the humanity in all people regardless of race, ethnic at this, other differences so we want to bring the world together. i really believe it will help us to do it so we're excited about it. >> our show is designed to bring hope. that's the whole point of our show, and it cannot come at a better time. i premiere day is today after
9:36 am
so many different horrific events, have happened, in the past week, so we're literally here to heal our nation, as preachers, as men of god, to help people cope with everything that's going on in the past few weeks. >> the whole idea of philadelphia, philly, brotherly love, that's with a we need. we hold these truths to be self evident, all men are created equal, we need to have dialogue that literally begins to build bridges, and south the to my brother who lives on we losing avenue in philadelphia. i got family in philly. so philadelphia is very close place to my heart. somebody go get mia steak from pat or geno's, either one, doesn't matter. >> then you know, okay, well, next time you are in philly then come stop by, say hello to us. >> it is a deal. >> we will be checking out the show, it airs today here on fox 29. >> at 2:30 this afternoon. >> okay, i lover the idea. >> i like the idea, too, keep preaching. because there are some things you want to talk about and and u think it never occurred to me
9:37 am
my pastor might know about kanye west. >> but i still want to know what they have to think about it. >> heck ya. >> this is good. >> 2:30, when you should go to the dentis. >> ya, and then right after that, "tmz" live. >> boom. there is my afternoon. >> yep. >> mohitos at noon, and then watch the preachers. >> okay. >> have to be done by 2:00 so i can go home. >> what? old the bolds and beautiful is at 1:30, i need to be home by 1:30. >> so now we need to move it from 12:00 to 1:00. >> you know, ridge is in love with caroline, right? caroline went out one night, and had a relationship with ridge's son. and now, she's pregnant, and has a child with ridge's son. so, she's now married to ridge whose son is the father of his wife's child. >> ya, it makes no sense.
9:38 am
>> of course it does. >> okay. >> that's why you watch. >> it makes my life seem better. >> oh, okay. well, then there is that. >> 9:38. a heartwarming moment, a girl with downe syndrome gets big surprise on her birthday, her boyfriend swept her off her feet. >> checking in with jen, biking in the works. >> live? why? >> we need other ways, other alternatives. >> that's why i have to go to these meetings.
9:39 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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9:41. a heart-warming story of true love.
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>> young couple, they're dealing with downe syndrome. and, a special birthday surprise, so here it is. >> oh, my god. (screams and cheers). >> that's danny grief it giving his girlfriends, ashley, a promise ring for her 21st birthday, ashley's sister, who shared this video, she shot it, says the couple has been dating for two years while they talked about getting married in the future, they know the timing isn't quite rite now. the promise ring was a way of letting ashley know that danny's forever committed to her. >> is that snot sweet? >> got down on one knee and everything.
9:43 am
promise ring, because some are uh, where is the real thing? danny said i know i am not ready right now, but i want you. >> and there is a song called promise ring, ya, sometimes what a girl needs, you know? >> just a promise ring. >> to know she is appreciated. >> all it does is drag it out little longer. >> look at you. >> what? >> i really doesn't want to marry you, or got engaged, let's just to this up. >> mike! >> it just stretches it out a little bit longer. >> it buys you little more time. >> buys you more time until you find somebody better. >> so what does the engagement ring do then, if that's what the promise ring does. >> this is not a conversation i want to have. >> okay. >> bradley cooper spotted, but it didn't seem like he was having a great time. now, boy, is this my life right here? because it looks like he's -- he's amused. >> right. >> doesn't he look amused? she is annoyed by something. what is going on?
9:44 am
is there more to this milky way? >> oh, always more. >> there is a video, video that goes with it. >> we have to show t we have to show jen, though, because remember? >> why? >> because. >> oh, genocide ways? what's wrong? are you okay, jen? >> that's jen's camera on a bicycle. >> we'll check on her in a little bit. >> come on, ride it. >> it is 12 miles from conshohocken to our studio, and she is about halfway through. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service,
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> ♪ >> i don't know if she watches in the morning. >> you've been snapping with her. >> doesn't mean she is watching it. v. >> she might be working. >> maybe she's in the shower? >> way to get in touch with my friends. >> i have a lot of people like that. >> yes? >> what's a friend -- you hang out more? >> yes, you meet someone through someone, then he becomes better friends, so you'll start seeing posts of like mike and your friends, and you're like oh, you all telling me you going to lunch? >> one of my best friends, he's only friends with all of my friends. >> yes? >> maybe he just want to be close to you, you only want to be friends with friend of mike jerrick. if you're not friends with mike jerrick, then you're not friends with me. >> say my name. >> jerrick. >> mike jerrick. >> i like the way you say
9:48 am
that. oh, my god. >> that's why i am trying to make a funny voice. >> mike jerrick. >> serena williams won wimbledon again. yes, andy murray won the men's championship. >> yes? >> at the all england club. but all people can talk about is what happened between bradley cooper and his girlfriend. so, while andy was on the court, look at bradley cooper. she is crying, wiping away tears, but he looks amused. a little bit. so now he's trying to solve this problem before the match is over. >> maybe something's in her eye. let's capture this. >> someone told me he put his hands up, but you can't see it in the video. >> like what do you want? >> so i can so relate to this. >> i don't know. what do you think happened, mike? >> he probably said something that set her off. >> okay?
9:49 am
>> that upset her about something. >> okay? >> and now he's got to talk his way back in. >> because she cried. now you feel guilty? >> yes. >> maybe there is something in her eye? >> no. >> something in her eye? >> like, i don't know. >> oh, god. >> this is when you are trying keep the tear from falling, because it will mess up your make up, that's what she is doing. >> putting back? >> you have to push it back in. and he's like really, really, really? >> diddid you see gabrielle and dwyane wade video? on the court, obviously trying to talk to him and say something, people keep walking by, and she keeps changing her face. >> oh, ya, oh, ya. >> when you get home: >> those are the words. >> well, you know, because people, no, it is from the show. they want to stop and take selfies. >> i'm talking about gabrielle union. i don't know what you are talking about. >> you andy? >> when you are in a argument with somebody, they come up, want to take a selfie.
9:50 am
>> you're talking about personal sins right now, aren't you? >> ya. people want to take a selfie. like come on, what? what did you say? (laughing). >> and what are you doing? >> so next time you see mike jerrick out, watch his hand, because islandly he does this, you just leave your hand up? >> like come on, brother. >> oh, my gosh. >> so even, wait, when you were younger and your mom, remember my mother pick me up from schools sometimes and being line this -- hi, mom. >> you wait and the teacher oh, hi, how are you doing? oh, when you are going to get it. >> wait until daddy gets home. >> oh, wait for your father. >> you hear that car drive in the driveway. >> oh, then you new. >> just keep smiling, right? as soon as we get home i'm going to choke you. >> really? check out the video, gabrielle, maybe we'll show it, but i don't know. gab re he will union and dwyane wade.
9:51 am
>> hold on. did see area a and russell wilson get married? >> yes. >> do we have footage? >> yes. >> we do? >> yes. >> footage, really? >> i'm going show you some lottery numbers, then come back. >> everyone is talking about the pic after they got married. >> what, on the honeymoon? they got married in a state prison? what's this? >> we'll talk about it. >> is that graterford state penetentary? oh, they jetted away. >> it's a castle. >> hole on. hold on.
9:52 am
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and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place.
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but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
9:55 am
>> see smiling? >> okay, back. >> oh, my god. >> from that movie? >> that before a game? dwyane wade. >> i don't know, i don't want to say it, i don't know if it was before or after. i think after. but i love the smile. >> true. >> i could show it to camera three. i don't know thousand will come off. >> it will be bad. >> it will. >> i emailed it, just saying. >> that's bad tv. >> don't have any more options. >> camera three? >> here we go. >> okay. >> okay, hit it. your hands look great. >> they do. >> it is all blurry. >> hi, hi, hi,. >> now, about last night. >> now, the debate is, is she upset or -- >> no, she talking smack. >> see ya later? >> she is upset about something. >> okay? now, let's get back. just days after saying i do,
9:56 am
new pictures have surfaced of that guy, russell wilson the thirds, big time football player for the seahawks, and that's his smoking, stunning bride. >> stunning, beautiful. >> sierra. >> oh, in liverpool. >> is that what you want, alex, a castle wedding? >> i don't know, at this point, to even get a wedding. >> i see. >> no, that's fine. >> but, you know, what they were saying before about how they didn't have sex before marriage? >> so a lot of people were like okay, what's the deal? >> i don't know, megan, did you get the e-mail show the picture of them after? >> so there is a picture of them after, you know, and they're in a car, people are like oh, they look pretty exhausted and me? happened oh, we did the deed finally, ya. we hear everything in this world. >> they snap chatted their --
9:57 am
>> for so long, that was the big thing. >> now people want to know. >> he's like it didn't happen with me. she prayed afterward, remember, it was all. that will the big question was, was it worth the wait? >> i'm sure it was, i could snap chat my sexual -- >> no, we don't want to know. >> -- experienced. 602nd or less. joke. >> my family just toll me this, so you won't get, they told me, not younger but they had told me that on their wedding night a lot of people don't actually do it on the wedding night. >> they're exhausted. >> sue serio? >> apparently they found a way. >> you didn't have sex on your wedding night? >> how do you know this? >> she told me. >> oh, ya? we don't do that. >> did you all slope? >> well that set the tone for the rest of the -- >> ten years later? >> hey, bill. >> i two times a year. >> new years eve. >> his birthday. >> oh, his birthday, which is in december?
9:58 am
>> june, no. >> oh, whatever, six months? >> have a great day everybody.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'. >> toughtoday. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: you're the one. [ cheers and applause ]


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